Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping or 3d printing as its popularly called these days is a powerful tool. We are among very few companies in India which offer SLA, FDM, SDL and traditional prototyping under one roof.

High definition color 3d printing

Among very few in India and only company in south and west India to provide full color 3d printing, these prototypes can not only be functional but also can be used as marketing prototypes months ahead of mass production as they can be done in full color ( we don’t hand paint them our machines do it :)

High resolution SLA printing
photo 4

SLA is wonderful technology for low volume production get rid of layers with awesome high resolution SLA products



Industrial wax modeling for investment casting

Investment casting for tool making and jewelry

wax models

Strong and reliable parts in FDM

Our parts in FDM are not from those hobby toy 3d printers they can be drilled and parts can take payload of several kilograms, they can be functional on the field and not just in lab

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